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"There are almost as many walking tours in New York City as there are dirty water dogs. And, much like the aforementioned, tube-shaped meat, the contents of many of these tours are… questionable. Some feed you but don’t teach you much. Others tell you things you could have picked up from any decent guide book. Some come with ghosts, or booze, or boozey ghosts. They feature preapproved scripts, boiling history down to a set of sanitized talking points while scurrying from one stop to the next on their routes. That might be someone’s idea of a good time, but it isn’t ours. And if it isn’t yours either, you’re in the right place. Because that’s not the sort of tour you’ll find here. In fact, we don’t really give tours, at all. FollowMeNYC is in the business of Adventures!"

We were excited to work with Cristina to create a dynamic eCommerce site that issued timestamp tickets to customers visiting NYC. We also created FollowMeNYC's logo, manage their social media campaign, and even integrated Mailchimp to send the latest updates to her site directly to her followers. Not too bad for sitting at a desk!? Ok, we should probably walk outside more (like our great client, Cristina does!)